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Market status and development trend forecast analysis of China's automotive wiring harness industry
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Automobile wiring harness is the main body of the automobile circuit. , mainly composed of wires, terminals, connectors and sheaths. Automotive wiring harness products are customized products, and different vehicle manufacturers and their different models have different design schemes and quality standards.

Data show that in 2006, my country's automobile production and sales were 7.2797 million and 7.216 million respectively. After more than ten years of economic growth, urbanization and living standards, the demand for automobiles by ordinary families has increased significantly. In 2019, automobiles The production and sales volume is 25.721 million and 25.769 million. In the past ten years, the production and sales of automobiles have nearly tripled. With the continuous increase in car sales, the demand for automotive wiring harnesses has also risen sharply, and the market capacity of automotive wiring harnesses has rapidly increased. In 2019, China's automobile production was 25.721 million units. It is estimated that the annual demand for wiring harness products of China's automotive electronics will exceed 51 billion yuan at a price of 2,000 yuan per vehicle.


Data source: Compiled by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and China Business Industry Research Institute

Stable cooperation with OEMs and high market concentration

The development of the automotive wiring harness industry is highly dependent on the automotive industry, and most brand car manufacturers have their own relatively mature and stable automotive supporting systems. As far as the domestic market is concerned, most of the large-scale self-owned brand car manufacturers have local wiring harness factories with stable supporting production, while foreign-funded and joint-venture OEMs have higher requirements for wire harnesses, and most of the selected wire harness manufacturers are international parts manufacturers. joint venture. In recent years, as international auto manufacturers pay more and more attention to cost control, the localized procurement of auto parts is increasingly strengthened, and a number of excellent independent wiring harness companies have emerged in China. Through the long-term accumulation of product technology and simultaneous development experience, these high-quality local enterprises have significantly enhanced their overall strength, and have gradually entered the supplier base of international auto manufacturers with timely and effective services and reliable product quality.

Participate in the design and development of OEMs, and the ability to synchronize research and development is becoming more and more important

The rise of global procurement of auto parts and the industrial division of labor and cooperation formed by vehicle companies and parts companies have enabled automotive wiring harness companies to gradually participate in the design and development of new models of vehicle manufacturers. Ability puts forward higher requirements. Simultaneous development requires automotive wiring harness suppliers to integrate into the vehicle supporting system, fully understand the concept and needs of vehicle design, and coordinate with the vehicle development progress according to the vehicle manufacturer's plan and time node, and timely and synchronously launch the design scheme and final product of the automotive wiring harness . Therefore, in order to improve the vehicle supporting capabilities of automotive wiring harness companies, it is increasingly important to synchronize R&D capabilities.

The development trend of the automotive wiring harness industry

(1) The rapid development of new energy vehicles will promote the transformation and upgrading of automotive wiring harnesses

Faced with the increasingly severe problems of global energy shortage and environmental pollution, countries and regions represented by the United States, Japan, the European Union and China have begun to transform, and have successively upgraded new energy vehicles to national strategies to alleviate energy shortages and reduce environmental pollution. pressure. The driving voltage of new energy vehicles is relatively high, and high-voltage wiring harnesses are required to connect each circuit unit. The high-voltage wiring harness is not only a key component of the high-voltage electrical system of new energy vehicles, but also an important guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of new energy vehicles. my country's local wiring harness suppliers have taken the lead in entering the new energy vehicle supply system by virtue of their good supporting relationship with independent new energy vehicle manufacturers. Some high-quality wiring harness companies have achieved technological breakthroughs in the design and development of high-voltage wiring harnesses, with leading R&D strength and huge development potential. .


Data source: Compiled by China Passenger Transport Association and China Business Industry Research Institute

(2) Lightweight automotive wiring harness products will become a key development area in the future

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