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New energy charging output and input wiring harness
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With the increase of automotive electrical equipment, the number of wires in the wire harness is also increasing. In order to facilitate identification and detection of automotive electrical equipment, the low-voltage wires in the wire harness are usually used with different wire colors. At present, there are generally two ways to select wiring: monochrome line and bicolor line.


1) When the monochrome line is selected based on the monochrome line, refer to the monochrome line color in Table 3. The power cord of each power system is monochrome.

2) As there are more and more circuits of the whole vehicle, most of the wires in the harness are double color wires, which can be obtained by combining the above single colors. There are requirements for two-color wires. For example, ys represents that the main color of the wire is yellow, accounting for most of the area of the wire, and the auxiliary color is gray, accounting for only a small part of the area of the wire.


The wire color is one of the most intuitive elements of the wire in the harness. If the wire color is properly selected, it will play a good role for the engineers to deal with the harness problems later. In the design of the same wire harness, the same line color shall not appear, and the color combination with obvious contrast and easy to be distinguished by the naked eye shall be selected as far as possible

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